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Our goal at Candela Controls, Inc. is to develop the best lighting system based upon the owner’s operational requirements. To accomplish optimal results Candela Controls specifies components across multiple manufacturers and brings them together seamlessly allowing for true integration. This method saves time, money, and achieves the desired results.

Outlined below is what you can expect when choosing Candela Controls, as well as an insight into what our solutions provide.

  • System layout: Starting with submittals & shop drawings, Candela Controls works closely with the owner, architect, lighting designer, artist and/or consultant so they may each realize “their vision” with the integrated lighting control system. Drawings include riser diagrams, construction drawings, and device locations.
  • Fabrication: Where drawings come to life. The ability for our team to create a variety of custom parts allows for installation to take place smoothly. Our fabricators have experience in custom control racks, custom wall plates, custom mounting solutions, and many more custom items. For quality assurance, Candela Controls is also a UL 508A panel listed shop.​
  • Programming: Our programmers take the complexity out of using a lighting system. The Candela Controls programming team provides a simple solution that allows users to achieve complex settings and control their system with just a few commands on their graphic user interface.
  • Installation: We work side-by-side with each contractor and all on-site labor to ensure the entire installation goes as smoothly as possible; translating to an on budget and as specified job.       
  • Training: Upon completion of each project, close out documents with detailed as-builts are provided. We also work with the owner and any end users educating them about the system and how to realize optimal utilization. The result is a facility that benefits from enhanced quality and improved system efficiency with an educated end user and available continued support.