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Museum of Westward Expansion

St. Louis, MO

Candela Controls, Inc. is proud to have taken part in the 2018 renovation at one of the most iconic monuments in the United States, The Gateway Arch. While the Arch itself wasn’t renovated, the project did include expanding and renovating the existing museum and park.

Candela Controls programmed and provided equipment for the park-wide DALI network exterior lighting controls. The exterior lighting controls consists of the light poles throughout the park that illuminate the pathway. This system is running ETC Mosaic with a custom web interface that allows The National Park Service access to recall events, monitor maintenance tasks, and view the status of more than 1,000 DALI drivers.

Candela Controls provided and installed the interior exhibit lighting control system and specialty exhibit fixtures. Candela Controls also programmed the color changing fixtures in the west entry lobby which is one of the first things visitors see upon entering. The exhibit lighting consists of Lumenpulse fixtures and distribution (provided by others) with an ETC Paradigm DMX source. A Candela provided Rosco X-Effects LED projector was used in the Riverfront Era exhibit to ‘recreate’ the fire of 1849.