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Celebrating Two Decades of Lighting Control

Posted on May 1, 2019 by alariedesign.

On May 1, 1999, Candela Controls, Inc. opened their doors with a modest investment, a leap of faith and supportive friends in the industry who believed in their ability to spark something exciting in lighting systems integration. What exists today is the product of that collaborative endeavor. 

Bill Ellis and Steve Helliker gradually hired an elite staff of seven employees and maintained that small, niche business plan for more than 10 years. Candela Controls managed to keep a smart and strategic business plan in place to weather the economic storm that had plagued the country for a few years. After seeing it through, Helliker decided it was a good time to retire and enjoy spending more time with his family. In January 2011, Ellis took the helm as president, steadily forging a broader path for Candela Controls. Since that time, projects big and small have warranted staffing increases with recent focus being on strengthening their project management team, putting in place strong, knowledgeable leaders to further advance their efforts. They have just hired their 26th employee with more to come in the foreseeable future! 

Candela has several exciting projects that will continue to support their growth well into the next decade. “What has been most rewarding over the years,” says Ellis, “is that as we travel, we are proud to spot projects in which we have been involved that continue to have a lasting impact. As we reflect on this chapter in our history, we’d like to extend a warm thank you to our staff members, our clients, friends and business partners in the industry. Our commitment to bringing the best of lighting control remains strong and we’re looking forward to all that lies ahead.”