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LRLR Day 3 and 4

Posted on July 10, 2019 by alariedesign.

Day 3 – Winter Park to Montrose

Day 4 – The San Juan Skyway and The Million Dollar Highway

This installment is a two-fer deal as Day 3 was planned to roll into Day 4. Who drew the short straw on scenery? NOT this group! A (much) larger photo blog will follow… once the shutter has had a time to cool off and the several hundred “favorites” are chosen.

Day 3 was a long day, but stunning views made it all worthwhile, even the rest stops were pretty to look at! The trip to the Top of the Rockies was one breathtaking view after another. Although a popular stop, nothing could detract from the beauty in front of us. It is also one of the many Continental Divide locations and we chose this one to take a group photo. I walked the path less traveled to see the awesome view, take a few more photos and enjoy the moment with friends. Also, playing in the snow never gets old. Just sayin’. Not to go unnoticed, this location also marked the 2nd successful “Dopher Park.” 

A challenging, graceful journey followed as we traveled to Aspen for a delicious lunch at The Red Onion, an American tavern that was established in 1892. Very pleasant weather (77 sunny with a light breeze) made for a nice stroll to window shop and people watch.

Our ride continued with a brief stop in the small, quaint village of Redstone, which is nestled along the Crystal River. A picturesque place to stop if there ever was one.

We spent the night in Montrose, CO with the sole purpose of reaching the route planned for Day 4. Today’s views were brought to you by San Juan County, specifically The Million Dollar Highway and The San Juan Skyway. We made a brief stop at the Red Mountain Pass for a photo op, because, well, it’s just a cool spot.

We then stopped for a stroll in the “Wild West” town of Silverton (which boasts the World’s Highest Harley Store), taking countless photos before driving to Durango for another fabulous meal. The kicked-back photo with dusty boots features rider Jared Fortney.

The ride over the last two days had us traveling over gently sweeping roads, past sprawling farmland, red rock mountain ranges and mesas, to mountaintops above 12,000 feet in elevation with incredible views. Did I mention the tight hairpin turns? You know, the kind that have 10, 15, or 20 mph posted signs! They were challenging and tested not only our skills, but also my healthy fear of heights! Narrow roads, with a little gravel, a few rocks and no guard rails! Who’s scared? I’m not scared, you’re scared! ???? We wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Ride on!